The Best Gluten Free and Paleo Bakery + Cafe in Toronto

The Paleo Palate Café is a revolutionary online bakery + cafe and Toronto’s one stop destination for all things  gluten free and Paleo. It is an initiative to bring in paleo, gluten free, dairy free and vegan desserts made with all-natural ingredients present everyone with a wonderful opportunity of choosing healthy!

It’s never been about just the food here! We have always given your health the first priority! So, when you buy from us you not only get the best gluten free desserts in Toronto, but you also get a dose of nutrition making your body and soul both happy at the same time!

All of our gluten free cakes and desserts are handmade locally in Toronto. We use the freshest, organic and locally sourced ingredients and none of our products use any preservatives or additives whatsoever!

We strongly believe that for every artificial and toxic food item present in the universe there is a corresponding natural and better tasting substitute out there. All you need is an intent to look for it and create it into something worth coming back for Again. And. Again.

Our offering:

When we began, our focus was to be an online Paleo bakery and cafe striving to bring you the best gluten free and paleo desserts in Toronto. We began with 2 flavours of muffins – Blueberry and Chocolate chip both which did very well. While there was a wide customer base for these products a lot of our customers approached us looking for Vegan options. Hence, we introduced our new line of Vegan desserts that were also gluten free.

Our first Vegan product – The Paleo & Vegan Chocolate brownies soon became our best-selling SKU! We caught on to that and created more dairy free offerings.

Today we cater to both a vegan and non-vegan offering with Paleo and gluten free being the base of it! We have recently stepped into customized offerings for both the categories! So whether you are looking for specific paleo desserts, gluten free birthday cakes, wedding cakes, vegan treats or anything else that your heart desires, feel free to give us a call. We love hearing from you!

Our roadmap ahead:

While we may have started with a handful of gluten free desserts, we plan to expand our offering over a period of time! You will soon see seasonal offerings (eg: more pumpkin, gingerbread products) product line expansion (like breads and pizza bases) and more – all of which will be good for your body and soul!

We are on track to expand our reach across more and more stores in Canada and beyond – so that everyone does truly get an opportunity to choose healthy! So make sure you spread the word when you like our products!